Spring Sports Teams Recruit Managers for the Season

Sophomores Payton Hemmer and Baylie Roetmeyer are ready for the JV baseball team season


submitted by P. Hemmer

Baylie Roetemeyer and Payton Hemmer stand in the softball dugout.

Brooke Lawson, Reporter

While the spring season is coming back, many students are trying out for a spring sport. Coaches are busy with their daily responsibilities and recruit team managers to help with the process.  

Liberty’s baseball team has selected their JV managers for this upcoming season.

Baylie Roetemeyer is a sophomore who knows the ins and outs of the field. She has been asked to be a manager for the baseball team and help them throughout this season.

Roetemeyer plays softball in the fall and was approached by Coach Wheeler to help out.

“Wheeler asked me and I thought it would be fun to be on the field with Payton,” Roetemeyer said.

Roetemeyer wants to try to go to every game to cheer and watch the JV baseball team play. 

During each game, the managers both sit in the dugout with the players. The manager’s job is to keep track of the scores, books, and pitch count while using the electronic software Game Changer. They make sure everything is nearby and the players are ready for the game.  

Payton Hemmer is also a sophomore who has also been asked to manage the baseball team with Roetemeyer. Hemmer wants to be a manager because she understands the sport so she likes to be involved. 

“I enjoy and understand the sport so it’s a way to keep me involved with not only the school but with my sport,” Hemmer said. 

Hemmer is really excited to watch the team succeed and she will be going to all the baseball games that work with her current softball schedule. 

Hemmer and Roetemeyer will end up going twice a week depending on the weather and game schedule.