Liberty Takes Extra Precautions After Threat

Administration takes extra precautions after receiving gun threat


Emily Hammock

Multiple police cars were present at the front of the school throughout the day on March 30.

Lilly Brown, Reporter

Liberty administration decided to take extra precautions to protect the school and safety after a gun threat on March 29.

“We want to make you aware that we were alerted about a claim that was made by a student involving bringing a gun to school,” principal Mr. Nelson said in an email to parents and students. “At this point, there is no current danger to students.”

As a result of the threat, the school increased the number of law enforcement. Students noticed them walking the halls and even going into classrooms. The police officers were also at lunch to ensure the safety of all students.

Students had many different reactions to all of the differences around school.

“I was very shocked to see all of the officers at school today because it’s not everyday three cop cars are outside of the main entrance,” junior Kaylin Schwander said. “Seeing all of the officers made it feel like there was a real danger to us.”

Sophomore William Bohn thinks the school handled the recent threats by making sure everyone knows it was taken control of.

“I wasn’t even thinking of the threat when I came into school today,” Bohn said. 

Nelson stressed in the email that safety is always a top concern.

“We take these matters seriously, and we appreciate it when our students, parents, and staff members bring this type of information to our attention,” Nelson said.

Even with the increase of safety matters, some students seem to decide to stay home for safety reasons. Many students that did go to school have described the mood as on-edge. Every time an announcement would go on, many would go silent.

Nelson explained, “This situation promptly started an investigation because responsible students did just that and shared the claim with an adult; thank you to those who reported this concern. If you see something, say something.”

Nelson also mentioned, “We encourage you to have conversations with your child about being positive members of the LHS family and being responsible for what they say and share via social media.”

With the recent Nashville shooting incident and the swatting incident in multiple nearby districts this week, tension and concerns have seemed to rise even more than usual.

Liberty hopes to feel like a safe environment again soon, as school is meant to be every day.