A Brisk Start to a New Sport

A sophomore’s first year doing track


Vanessa Jackson

Sophomore Aubrey Obrien is in her first year participating on the track and field team.

Vanessa Jackson, Reporter

Every track event has its own specific strategy and plan. For sophomore Aubrey Obrien, this is her first year competing on the track team and learning about all of the events.

Out of all of the sprinting events, her favorite is the 100-meter dash.

“I go full speed then just die at the end,” Obrien said. 

For the 100 meter dash, the athlete is assigned to a lane and runs a straight lane as fast as they can till they reach the finish line and can not step into another team’s lane. 

Obrien likes to compete against other schools on the track and field team. So far she has at least the 100 or 4×100 meter dash and the most 200 or 4×200 meter dash.

The 4×100 is kind of the same as the open 100, but not exactly. The 4×100 is where there are four athletes on the same team in one lane that they are assigned too. The athletes are put into order on who runs first, second, third and fourth. They must run as fast as they can to their next teammate to pass off the baton without losing speed. The first and third runner’s run is a curve lane and the second and fourth runner’s lane is a straight. 

It is most important that when these athletes run; they must stay in their lane until they pass off the baton and wait until they are cleared to get off the track. If this is not done properly it can lead to disqualification for being in another’s team lane or injury if someone trips and falls on the rough pavement. The 200 meter dash is a little bit longer of a run where the athlete has to run a straight and a curved lane. The athletes are assigned to a lane and must run a curve and a straight with a decent amount of speed or as fast as they can till they reach the finish line and must stay in their lane. For the 4×200, there are four teammates assigned to one lane where each teammate has a curve and a straight to pass off to the next teammate.

Obrien has enjoyed her track experience so far this season.

“Track is fun and it motivates me to stay in shape. Also, it gives me something to do after school,” she said. 

Mr. Tutterrow is the sprinter coach and has observed her improvement throughout the weeks.

“She is doing a good job learning a new sport,” Tutterrow said.  

Her advice to new incoming track athletes is, “The first week sucks, but it gets better as you go on.”