Easter: The Spring Fashion Holiday

An explanation of what was seen as ‘trendy’ this Easter in 2023


Alexis Cullivan

The celebration of Easter and its stylish fashion.

Alexis Cullivan, Reporter

For Easter, many families tend to dress up for the special occasion. Every year, Easter has some trendy new outfits that make their way on for the holiday. Here are some of the 2023 trendiest outfits that were worn for easter. 

V-neck cardigans 

V-neck cardigans are a safe, cute, and easy item to purchase and wear. Easter this year was warm thankfully, so wearing a cardigan that is easy to take on and off is a good choice. You can also buy V-neck cardigans in just about any color, making a statement at your family Easter, a party, or even a date with a partner of yours.

Floral Dresses

Florals never go out of style. They are a safe choice that a lot of people make with Easter, as it is in spring. Florals come in all types of prints as well, you can often find a floral that matches you and what colors you love. Many stores as well were selling florals out way before Easter, which made people start to buy them and wear them a bit earlier this year. 

Dress & Blazer Combo

Personally, I think this is a wonderful choice that a lot of people made this easter. It takes a bit of business, a bit of casual, and a lot of fun, then mixes them all together in one. Plus, this is another good option for the weather. Take the blazer off if you are hot, take it off if you are cold. With this combo as well, many people took a boring blazer and paired it with a fun dress, or paired a boring dress with a super fun blazer, it can go either way since this outfit is diverse. 

All white

Sometimes with all the choices to wear for Easter, many get overwhelmed, which is why some people go for an all white look. White dress, white shoes, white bag, making the look simple and cute. Some outfits for Easter can look too wedding to me, but a lot of people can pull off all white outfits without making it too wedding. 

Denim jacket

Denim jackets made quite a statement for Easter. There were a lot that I have seen that were different colors and styles, paired with other denim like shorts or jeans, or even paired with a dress of any color. This is such a good outfit for any occasion, being very simple and casual. It is an easy outfit for people to pair together, some don’t even have to go shopping for this outfit.

This Easter was a mix of styles, all types and all were amazing! Whether or not you dress up for Easter, you should just have fun with family, friends, and anyone you spend the holidays with.