Missouri Defunding Public Libraries: Just Pure Stupidity

The thought of Missouri politicians defunding public libraries is sad, so what can we do to stop it?


The Missouri state legislature has decided to defund libraries. How will this end up?

Joey Brooks, Reporter

Despite having millions of dollars in surplus from their budget, state politicians of Missouri dare deciding to defund Missouri public libraries. Why you ask?

Well, unfortunately, some people in the state of Missouri are closed-minded and are trying to destroy things, people and ideologies that they disagree with. Missouri politicians have refused to even give a cent to public libraries. Last year, Missouri state politicians created Missouri Senate Bill 775, a bill that would ban any book that was deemed to have “explicit” material.

Most conservative Republicans that support banning books have stated that defunding libraries is just a way to protect children. So why can’t they let children, or anyone for that matter, read whatever they want? People resent progressive change, especially in society. They believe what has been a standard for a while is what should stay. Sadly, what was good for children 10 to 20+ years ago, isn’t what is good for children today.

Studies have shown people read and learn more from print than off of a digital device. So instead of benefiting or “protecting” children, banning books and defunding libraries are negatively affecting people and children. This mindset is dangerous to education.

So what Missouri Republicans are really doing is just deteriorating education for all of Missouri, instead of saving children from inappropriate books. So why does this matter at all? It matters because local towns are dependent on libraries. Libraries offer so much to a community: shelter, knowledge, and a safe and quiet place to hang out or read.

The library has been a fundamental part of society for centuries, but now Conservatives are putting libraries in their sights. How can you and I stop this stupidity? Speak out and spread the word to make Missouri politicians regret defunding libraries.