Students in Clothing and Textiles are Sewing Their Own Quilts

Sewing together a quilt is a talent many have to learn, luckily students now have this opportunity


Ms. Langston helps Sara Reth (11) with the quilt. “The creative freedom, I got to pick my fabric, the patterns, and in the end I got a really nice warm blanket to take home,” Reth said.

Mattie Watson, Reporter

Students in first period clothing and textiles are sewing their own personal quilts. Many students said they are using the quilt for football games, track meets and bedroom decor. 

Ms. Langston, who is the teacher of the class, says she loves the creativity the students show. 

Alexa Popp (11) sits at a sewing machine, working on her quilt.

“I love that students can explore in this class,” Langston said. “We do some projects where they have to follow certain directions but there are really some projects where they can do things their own way.”

Langston has been teaching 13 years in public schools and did teach at a private school previously, totaling over 20 years of teaching experience. Clothing and textiles is a project-based course and Langston likes everything about this class.

“I love teaching new things,” Ms. Langston said. 

Taryn Shuls, who is a junior and is sewing a quilt, notes that she enjoys “the creative freedom that we get with the projects.”

Shuls says learning how to do the patterns is the most challenging part about this assignment. She doesn’t know how long it’s going to take to finish the quilt, but she estimates around a month.