WSD Board of Education Votes to Revise Current Academic Calendar

The motion will move the last day of school to May 25


Kay Copeland

The board unanimously voted to move the last day of school in the WSD to May 25.

Kay Copeland, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger

The Wentzville School District Board of Education has voted to move the last day of school from Wednesday, May 31 to Thursday, May 25. The motion was approved during a regular board meeting held on the evening of April 20.

The board’s decision came after considering the district’s multiple unused built-in emergency makeup days. This revision to the academic calendar will also include early release days on both May 24 and May 25. 

Seniors’ last day of school will be moved to May 24.  Teachers’ last day will be Friday, May 26.

Additionally, following this revision, Liberty’s annual senior bridgewalk ceremony was scheduled for May 24. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the event and are advised to arrive over by the football field before 11:30 a.m.

While some students and parents may be disappointed with the change, the board assures that the decision was made with careful consideration of various factors; including the number of emergency days built into the calendar, as well as the impact on students and staff.

“I believe it’s a positive thing for our staff, too. This gets everyone home before Memorial Day,” Superintendent Dr. Danielle Tormala noted to a whooping audience. 

For those interested in keeping up with the WSD BOE, the Board now has a new YouTube channel where live and previous meetings can be viewed.