Students Win Big at the WSD Film Festival


Josh Deters

Senior Kaitlyn Benesek with her newly won film festival award.

Josh Deters, Reporter

Two students recently won awards in their respective video categories at the annual Wentzville Film Festival that took place on Wednesday, April 19.  Senior Kaitlyn Benesek and junior Liz Hayes both speak on their feelings on winning their awards in their respective categories. 

Junior Liz Hayes was inspired to do the bridgewalk video because it was a farewell to the seniors. 

“I had grown to love them and they had become like a second family to me so it was just my way of saving that memory for everyone to see,” Hayes said. 

Senior Kaitlyn Benesek says the film festival was on her bucket list since last year.

“I was inspired by past entries and wanted to see what I could do with my own skills. I wanted to try something new and just gave it a shot for the experience. Film is not a skill of mine but I wondered what it would look like with my own twist,” Benesek said. 

Benesek’s film was an animated piece called  “Oh Brother.”

“I am honored to have won an award for my work. I thought I was doing this for myself and for the sake of accomplishing something new. But the recognition shows that the audience also felt impacted by my work and that they appreciate the thought and work behind it,” she said.