How Performing Music Affects You

Students explore the various effects of performing music, whether that’s playing an instrument or singing


Landon Woodson

Alix Queen (12) sits on their porch while playing guitar.

Landon Woodson, Reporter

Music has the power to save. It has often been said to help people heal, whether that’s by listening to music or by playing music. Performing music has been a way to escape from one’s own reality and to release any unwanted emotions. For many, they were forced to play music for one reason or another. Some were told to perform by their parents or by their teachers. Others found an instrument by chance, and they stuck with it. 

“I feel like I’m doing something fun and like I’m doing something for others to entertain and make them enjoy music too,” alto in treble choir, sophomore Ace Mitchell remarks. Performing music opens up new ways to enhance your life. Whether that be through making friends or making people happy. While Mitchell is inspired to play and use music to heal others, some will perform music as a way to escape and get away from their normal lives. 

“It’s kind of like my safe space,” sophomore Kaya Egeler explained when asked why they performed music. Egeler plays the flute, piano, and the clarinet. Music can create a whole new environment for those who need it. A lot of people need a way to get away from their problems and rest. Performing music can provide a way to be free from your life. Unfortunately, when the joy and artistry of performing becomes a task or a chore, it can take a toll and ruin the experience. 

It’s kind of like my safe space.

— Kaya Egeler (10)

“During COVID whenever I had to record myself, it became really stressful,” recalls Egeler when talking about performing for their class. When something you enjoy becomes a job, you can lose all excitement and joy you once had for it. You feel like you have to do it, instead of wanting to do it. Fortunately, some people aren’t affected as much by this pressure.

“I play guitar II here and I have an acoustic and electric guitar at home,” senior Alix Queen said. “I feel great. I have so much fun playing guitar, it’s a joy and a passion for me. When I get to play guitar, I get to think of nothing else but guitar. And you get to go with the flow and play music.” Some people are allowed the chance to be freed by playing music, to have an outlet to express themselves in an otherwise busy and stressful day. 

People all around the world play different instruments, different types of music, and for different reasons. Music is a way to express yourself in a way without words. Music can transcend language and connect everyone.