A Word From Our Seniors


Lilly Fister

The senior class crowds together to get one final picture together.

Emma Carter, Reporter

We asked seniors, “What piece of advice would you leave behind for Liberty?” 

“Don’t put things off for last minute because they will build up and you’ll regret it.” – Vianca Malave

“Do not start out working from the hardest to the easiest things, you’ll burn out much faster. Start out small and work your way up. You’ll build momentum this way that’ll help you keep going.” – Katherina Schnardthorst

“Always try new things if even for a second you think it might sound cool. There’s never harm in looking into something and trying it, especially in high school because if you end up not being a fan, you’re able to try something else.” – Cade Goins

“Always give everything 100%, and enjoy every moment while you have it.” – Monica Reyes

“If you do the hard stuff now, everything later on will be much easier.” – Kyle Winter

“You’re gonna be okay, I promise. Breathe, smile, and remember, you are more than enough.” – Jennifer Knapp

“You only live once, so just do it. Be kind and be you because at the end of the day somebody is jealous of you.” – Rynell Ipema

“Be involved.” – Dontrel Mitchell

“You don’t have to know. You don’t have to know what you wanna do for college, if you wanna go to college, what type of people you like, who you wanna be, you don’t have to plan the rest of your life out. It’s okay to enjoy the journey.” – Elaine Thimyan

“Keep trying new things and put yourself out there; you’ll realize how many opportunities you have, and you might find something that you are really content doing.” – Gavin Block

“Never give up on yourself, you can do anything you want to you are an amazing person.” – Jessica Rector

“Make it a fun environment. Be nice to everyone, not judgey or double sided. Make memories, because pretty soon, that’s all you’re gonna have left. BUY YOUR YEARBOOK!” – Cara Turner

“Try your best to not care while caring.” – Shane Wolz

“Work hard even when you don’t feel like it. And enjoy every moment because it goes by in the blink of an eye.” – Jess Rhodes

“Be grateful.” – Abigail Witzke

This is the class of 2023