Art Show Paints a Picture of Student’s Artistic Abilities

LHS holds their art show on May 17 in the atrium


Landon Woodson

Ceramic House from LHS Art Show

Landon Woodson, Reporter

Earlier this week, Liberty had an art show where students could submit their artwork to be displayed. Students had a variety of styles of art they could choose from, such as graphic design, ceramics, photography, painting, and drawing. Art has become an integral part of many people’s lives. 

“I really like ceramics specifically because it’s very hands on. Painting is fine, sketching is fine, but it’s flat. But ceramics is nice because you can mold it and feel it and it’s textured,” shares junior Tessa Wilson when asked about her piece in the art show. Wilson created this piece simply for the end product itself of a wonderful fairy house that could be used as a candle holder.

“I create art because it’s an outlet for so many emotions and stressors,” comments Amanda Speciale (12) on how she uses art to help herself.

For a lot of people, art is a form of escapism, a way for them to leave the troubles of their everyday lives. Art can be used as a therapeutic practice to relieve unwanted or disruptive emotions. Many will gain that sense of healing from the process of making the art. But there is also a feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a piece.

“You want to see your accomplishments. Especially for those in the creative arts because we need an outlet that says that ‘we too are something’,” spotlights Mr. Purvis. Many student clubs and programs have events that showcase the work they put in behind the scenes such as sports having games that show off what they learned at practice or the band, when they play an event and get to showcase their musical abilities. But here at the art show, the students who put hours and hours of their time into their pieces, have the opportunity to present their art to the public for all to admire.

“These are our ‘shining moments’, and I think that everyone can find their shining moment,” Mr. Purvis said. You too can find your “shining moment,” you just have to go find what you want and what makes you happy.