Playing Like the Professionals

The varsity baseball team played at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, in a game against Parkway Central


Lilly Brown

The baseball team got to play at Busch Stadium where they were on the jumbotron and field.

Lilly Brown, Reporter

To conclude the Liberty baseball season, they got to experience a game in the home of the favorites of St. Louis.

The Eagles got the opportunity to play at Busch Stadium on May 21, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, to conclude their season. They played against Parkway Central and won with a score 9-6.

They were allowed to play with the amateur game program the Cardinals hold for high school and college baseball teams to be able to play on Busch Stadium’s field.

They had done this program the year before, but were able to watch a game Cardinals game before and spend a whole day at Busch.

The freshmen, JV, and varsity teams were allowed to all play in different innings, but majority seniors played. The team was full of energy with chants, small smack talk, and dancing.

“The varsity got to bat the whole game and defense was shared by all program players,” Coach Dan Wheeler said.

Although the team was playing where the MLB plays, they still had some fun like taking out their phones and recording on the bases, batting one handed, etc. This game showed all personalities of the team and had many people upbeat and laughing.

The game was a great opportunity for the players to have a sneak peek into how a major league team plays. They were on the jumbotron, sat in the dugout,  had lots of umpires and officials, and of course being able to play on the actual field in Busch Stadium.

“It was a cool experience because I always watched the Cardinals play growing up and being able to sit in the same dugout as some of the Cardinals greats was a very special experience,” Ryan Cole (10) said.

Even though there were no home runs, there were many hits and runs, making this game a very cool experience for the team.

For the seniors they get to say their last high school game was in the stadium of the professionals.

“It [the game] was really bittersweet, I’m excited for what’s to come, but I will miss all the memories baseball has given me,” Colin Doniff (12) said.

Everyone else will remember this as a very cool experience of their baseball career.