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  • May 16 / Girls Varsity SoccerLiberty High School - 0, St. Dominic - 1
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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Book Checkouts Reach New Heights

More than 1,000 books have been checked out since the start of the school year
Louis Stoyanov
Students are quietly reading, studying, and playing games during lunch.

For some people boredom is the hardest part about a classroom. Whether finished with work or not paying attention, people need something to fill space, and with phones banned it’s getting harder to fill space in class. So, what’s the alternative? For a lot of people, it’s books.

So far there have been 1,110 books checked out in August and 550 books in September at the time of this story’s publication. That’s 26% of last year’s total books checked out. Some of these checkouts might be due to the changes made like adding a books in verse section or quick reads.

“Everybody seems really excited about reading,” librarian Mrs. Playle said.

Mrs. Taylor, who is the library assistant, mentioned that some people might be getting books due to it being the beginning of the year and coming off of summer.  

Students might not agree completely though. Out of the people interviewed, they said that they haven’t seen any more books around.

“It’s the people who were reading before that are reading more,” junior Kylie Brennan said.

Since students are no longer allowed to use phones in the classroom, this may be one of the reasons why there are more books being read.

“Because we aren’t allowed to have phones, people need a new form of entertainment,” sophomore Kenna Boschart said.

Although we might not know the exact reason, there are more books being checked out like never before, and maybe it’s for the better. Whether escapism or being bored, reading is a valuable skill to have and some stories are too good not to get lost in.

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Louis Stoyanov
Louis Stoyanov, Reporter
Louis Stoyanov is a sophomore in their first year of journalism. Louis enjoys always being behind the scenes instead of up front. They have done tech theatre as sound and enjoy technology, music and baking. Louis hopes to pursue a career in technology no matter where they are. They also hope to move to Chicago to prosure those dreams.

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