A Colorful Passion

Allison Holtschlag finds a creative outlet through color guard


Allison Holtschlag performing the half time routine for color guard (submitted by Allison Holtschlag)

Brooke Huffman, Reporter

What makes you unique? For freshman Allison Holtschlag, it’s being a member of Liberty’s color guard.

Holtschlag joined Frontier’s color guard club in eighth grade after being told about it by a few friends, and since then it has made a dramatic impact on her life.

Color guard has helped bring many people into Holtschlag’s life, and has become a way for her to genuinely express herself.

“It [color guard] helps me go to my away place,” Holtschlag admits.

She’s very passionate about color guard and enjoys “the people I’m really with and how much time it takes us to get where we really are.”

While color guard has conflicted with homework and social events, Holtschlag assures that she wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I believe Allie is a loving and caring person who goes out of her way to help others and will always be there for you,” Abby Shields said about Holtschlag.

Color guard has been a key part in Holtschlag finding a passion in life, and she plans to continue performing throughout her high school years.

A group photo of the 2017-2018 color guard (submitted by Allison Holtschlag)