Heading Across the Country

Josh Rossman adjusts to life at a new school


Submitted by Hannah Rossman

Josh Rossman with his plaque after finishing 3rd place in the annual Octoberfest 5K.

Molly Morris, Reporter

Josh Rossman is a freshman and is new to our district. He and his twin, Hannah, moved from Columbus, Ohio this past summer. The Rossman’s dad was redirected for his business causing them to make the move across the country. They found out the news late in the school year and we’re excited to be moving to a new place.

Rossman is a part of the cross country team and plans to run track in the spring. He is very passionate about running and enjoys Spanish as well. He is looking forward to joining Spanish club and getting to know more people from it.

“The hardest part about having to move schools is leaving behind all my friends,” Rossman said.

Rossman says it’s been pretty easy to adjust because everyone has been so friendly. He’s become friends with the kids on his team who have helped introduced him to more people outside of the sport. Although it’s been a long journey of meeting new people, Rossman says his favorite part of LHS is the friends he’s made, but also misses his old friends back in Ohio.

“Josh has a personality that makes it easy for him to make friends,” his twin Hannah said, who thinks he’s been fitting in very well. “He’s very friendly.”

This isn’t the first time Rossman has switched schools. After his seventh grade year, he was redirected and finished his eighth grade year at a different school before he found out he would be moving to Missouri. Both Josh and his sister agree that having a sibling at the school with them has made it easier because there is always someone they know and can rely on.

Overall, Rossman was extremely excited to start high school at LHS and can’t wait to see how the rest of the year is going to play out.