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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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From the Military to Educator

Dr. Nelson shares his experience as a war veteran before becoming an educator
Marissa Shook
Mr. Nelson hands out awards to veterans for their service at a school assembly in November 2022. Nelson is a US Army veteran.

At only 18 years old, Dr. Edgar Nelson, then just Edgar Nelson, had freshly graduated high school and begun his military career.

Coming from a large family with a total of 12 siblings, he mentioned his parents were pretty strict so it was good to get away and go somewhere new. Military was a good opportunity to get some college money and collect some experience. 

“You first go to basic training and then you do what’s called advanced individual training, and then I went to Fort Knox, Ky.” Nelson said. While being trained as a soldier, Nelson received special training and experience working with tanks.

After his training, Nelson was sent overseas to Germany.

“I loved being in Germany, it’s pretty cool. I got to go to Germany in 1988. I was on the East German side. And then I was there when the [Berlin] Wall came down between West and East Germany.” 

Nelson was over there during a really interesting time. “I went to the first Gulf War in Iraq,” he said.

Nelson explains that he never once regretted going into the military, and his own son is in the military too. “In fact my son is in the Air Force, and my youngest son is going into the army.”

Nelson also explains that he still has some contact with people that he met in the military over Facebook. “What happens when you go in, people are from all over the country and so you know it’s rare if you kind of meet somebody that is from your own home town.”

One thing about being in the military is that you are able to witness changes in real time. “Essentially, history was literally changing and I was there and it was cool.” Nelson said. By being there, he saw history change right in front of his face. 

Going into the military can be a difficult decision to make, but Nelson would recommend going into the military for anyone.   “I would say that you really have to want to do it because, well, it’s not very easy and there is a lot of suffering involved,” Nelson said.

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About the Contributors
Charlize Rossow
Charlize Rossow, Reporter
Charlize Rossow is a junior and this is her first year in publications. She is an exchange student from Germany. Spending time with friends and family is a thing she loves and also playing tennis at Liberty and going to the gym. She likes to travel and to see new places around the world. In the future she would like to do something with traveling or solving crimes. 

Emerson Stubblefield
Emerson Stubblefield is a sophomore and this is her second year in publications. Emerson is on the varsity golf team, it is actually her second year on the team. Her favorite artists are Bailey Zimmerman, Zach Bryan, and Morgan Wallen. She loves country music a lot! If not at school, you can usually find her hanging out with her friends, at home, or at her barn. She has a horse named Caramel, and two cats named Worthy and Lilly. After she graduates she wants to go to college to get a teaching major.
Marissa Shook
Marissa Shook, Reporter
Marissa Shook is a sophomore at Liberty and just moved here this year. She loves to wrestle with her family but she doesn't wrestle as a sport. In her future, she wants to either be in the Army or military. This summer she went to Colorado for her birthday. Marissa’s favorite movie right now is “Purple Heart.”

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