Behind the Scenes

Liberty crew makes sure the fall play runs smoothly


Sarah Downs

Sophomore Audrie Helms supports the production by helping with the stage props.

Brooke Huffman, Reporter

Behind every great production is a group of people working their hardest to make sure that it goes smoothly. The same goes for Liberty’s upcoming Night of Comedy, at Liberty’s theater from November 17-19 at 7 p.m.

The combined efforts of eight different crews keep the show running smoothly, which is no easy task.

“All the crews have put so much effort into the production, and it’s great seeing everyone work together to do so,” freshman Adelle Coughran said.

Coughran, the head of the publicity crew, is in charge of building up the hype for the show’s opening night.

“When I first started on publicity crew, I had no clue what I was doing. But after a few meetings and help from experienced thespians, I think the crew has done a pretty good job,” Coughran said.

Coughran has been involved with theater since seventh grade when she was in Frontier’s production of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Her passion followed her to high school when she decided to get involved behind the curtains.

“So far, I’ve loved being a part of the crew. Everyone is so supportive and I have loved getting to contribute to the production,” Coughran said.

As the show draws closer, excitement builds and tension grows during practices and meetings.

Adelle Coughran poses in front of a poster for the Night of Comedy.

“I’m so grateful for all the crew has done for a Night of Comedy,” freshman Lizzie Kayser said, who is set to play Jennifer in the show ‘Going to School.’ “They do everything from organizing costumes and props, running lights, setting up the stage, and making sure that tickets get sold. Without the crew, there would be no show.”

With three performances stretching across three days, the crew is in for a lot of work. Fortunately, the crew has grown closer over the span of the past month.

“It’s exciting to be in theater because it’s a comforting place where everyone feels like family.” Coughran reveals.

With all of the hard work that both the cast and crew are putting in, the show is set to be a success. Opening night is Nov. 17th, and the show will continue until the 19th.