Gifting on a Budget

Students describe the best inexpensive gifts


Alyssa Bailey

Junior Aria Ellis and senior Hannah McCrary show their holiday spirit. The students both agree that gifts should be thoughtful and come from the heart.

KaMera Harper, Reporter

There are plenty of times throughout the year when there are moments when you need to find the perfect gift without spending all of your money. During the holiday season is when stores have some of the best deals of the year but you can still spend way too much money. Some of the best gifts are the ones with creativity.

Senior Hannah McCrary loves to shop on the day after Halloween when all of the candy goes on sale. A great gift she has gotten that was inexpensive was candy and flowers.

“Good qualities of inexpensive gifts are thoughtful and personal,” McCray said.

Junior Aria Ellis believes that gifts should come from the heart. Ellis loves go thrift shopping.

“One of my aunts went to goodwill and got me a really cute African scarf and oversized sweater,” Ellis said. Ellis’s favorite sales during the year is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These students agree that gifts should have lots of thought and come from the heart. Gifts should not be meaningless. Gifts are just another way to show someone that you care.

Senior Andrew Dexter believes that an important quality in great gifts is usefulness. The best inexpensive gift Dexter has ever received is a gas gift card. He also believes that summertime is the best season to shop.

“I get to wear shorts and bathing suits. I prefer shorts over pants,” Dexter said. Additionally, he mentioned that black friday is the best sale of the year.

Sophomore Kelcie Normand believes the best inexpensive gift has to last long. Normand thinks a great example of a long lasting present would be makeup.

“Makeup is good and anything from Sephora is great,” Normand said.

The best inexpensive gift she received was a hair dryer. Normand finds the best deal on Black Friday.

“I like when Victoria’s Secret has perfume for 50 percent off,” Normand said.

This year’s trick to staying on budget is to think about what is being purchased. Put as much thought into the gifts as possible. Inexpensive does not mean the gift should break in an instant, but it should last long. If the gift does last long, it can be really useful to someone.

Overall, be creative and try to catch the sales on Black Friday. Most importantly, make sure your gift comes from the heart because this will show how much thought was truly given while still staying on budget.