Transitioning Into Spring Makeup

The big difference between seasons


Dez Smith

Sophie Reale (9) and Sarah Downs (9) are the perfect representation of what a good spring morning and afternoon lip looks like.

Dez Smith, Reporter

In the winter the only thing you probably care about is your face and lips cracking. That’s why in winter you wear powder foundation and reapply your chapstick at least five times a day. Well spring is here! So you need to make some changes in your makeup bag. Let’s break it down into sections, morning, afternoon, and night.   


In the morning you want a nice soft pink or nude lip. If you were blessed with nice pink lips then just put on some lip gloss and you’re good to go queens. If your lips are red like mine then you need to find a good nude lip, what really works for me is a pink-orange.

For eyeshadow, try a nice neutral. I personally, when I have enough time, do a faded look with my highlighter, bronzer, and black eyeshadow. And usually when you think you’re done blending, you’re not.


Dez Smith
(Left to Right) Paige Vickrey (10), Sophie Sahrmann (10), and Emma Morton (10) look amazing with their trendy cut crease look.

After school you either do homework, go to an after school club or sport, or you hang out with your friends, and in the process you become a total goofball weirdo. So you might not have time to do more makeup, so just take a makeup wipe get rid of the eyeshadow and instead tight line coffee brown eyeliner.

For your lips you should probably just keep that nude or pink lip. Maybe highlight your cupid’s bow, or add some blush to your cheeks


Now that you’ve made it through the day you might just want to practice some makeup looks for fun. Which is why I’m going to give you advice on how you’d want to do that.

I don’t think I can stress this enough, do what works for you and what makes you happy.

When you’re just messing around with an eye look, start with a highlight color, a main color, and a slightly darker color than your main color. Your highlight should be in between your nose and inner eye. Your main color should cover the majority of your lid, and the darker color should be in your outer crease.

Remember if you’re wearing dark eye makeup you need a good dark lip color. Dez Smith