It’s Turkey Time

Associate Student Council (ASC) raised $446.91 in the week-long turkey drive


Mollie Banstetter

Olivia Overton and Kiersten Baumgartner lined up for an autograph from Mr. Schaper’s turkey campaign.

Elizabeth Hamby and Fiona Flynn

Turkey season is approaching and to kick it off, Associate Student Council (ASC) arranged a week-long fundraiser for those in need. A competition was arranged with the teachers and how many feathers that students could buy for them.

With the money, it goes out to families that are need of turkeys for the holidays.

“We buy the turkeys and then we give to them to the St. Charles County Juvenile Center,” Ms. McMillen, the sponsor of ASC said.

From the Juvenile Center, they hand it out to people that need them for their tables for the holidays.

Some of the teachers involved included Ms. T.O., Mr. Schaper, Mr. Wheeler, Ms. Holmes, Mr. Barker and Mr. McFadden.

Students donated a dollar per feather to the teacher of their choice at their lunch period. The teacher with the most turkey feathers would be declared the winner and gifted with a turkey suit. However, the loser with the least amount of turkey feathers would be shamed with the chicken costume.

The results are:

TO raised a total of $192.18

Schaper raised  $85.01

Wheeler raised $58.12

Holmes raised  $54.80

McFadden raised $35.80

And Barker raised $21

With T.O. as the winner, she will be rewarded with the wearing of the turkey suit. However, with Barker in last place with $21, he shall wear the suit of the chicken this Tuesday, Nov. 20. 

Yet when T.O. was asked how it felt to win the contest, her response was not what you would expect.

“It wasn’t about winning, it was about trying to get kids to understand the importance of giving and helping people that are less fortunate and helping people feel really really good. And also the more competitive I got, it was in hopes that the other teachers would become more competitive too and continue to raise more money.”

Mr. Schaper a competitor wrote a two-part story in a description of his horrible fear of birds and he handed them out during lunch, even autographed them as well. He raised a whopping $70 in that lunch period.

As to losing, Barker exclaimed with a very prominent quote in chicken, “Cluck cluck; cluck cluck cluck cluck click cluck cluck. Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluckity cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck-cluck clickity cluck.”

If you would like to watch the promo video by Amethyst Pictures for the Turkey Drive  CLICK HERE .