Through Thick and Thin

An inside look on the brotherhood of Sam and Donny Arrington


photo submitted by Samuel Arrington

Sam Arrington (left) and Donny Arrington (right) side by side scoring their own glorious touchdowns.

Ally Schniepp and Elizabeth Hamby

Senior Donny Arrington didn’t know what his 7-year-old self was thinking when he started playing football, but as he did, his little brother, Sam, then 4 years old, mindlessly followed in his footsteps.

“It’s a free hit at someone, so why not?” freshman Sam Arrington said. Both Arrington brothers, although being three years apart, started playing the game they love at the young age of 7.

In their brotherly rivalry, they each strive to be better than the other, both said that they were better.

He taught me how to throw a football.

— Sam Arrington

“Older siblings always want to show up younger siblings,” Donny claimed.

Although in this rivalry there is a multitude of pressure set on Sam’s shoulders to fill his brother’s shoes.

“I was being put in different positions that I didn’t want to play in because of my older brother. I have to strive for greatness,” Sam added.

Now with Sam being a freshman and Donny being a senior, the pressure was on for the season, especially since they both play the position of quarterback.

But that doesn’t stop the brothers from pushing each other to do their best. Donny greatly impacted Sam of the basic knowledge of football.

Ally Schniepp
Donny Arrington fights for every yard before getting tackled by a football player from Warrenton.

“He taught me how to throw a football,” Sam recalled. Donny often gave his little brother advice, but it only sometimes came through to Sam, being that most of the time the advice comes, Sam is already ticked.   

Aside from playing football, Sam and Donny also share their love of track. With Donny being injured, it’s hard to know when he will pick up the sport. Donny’s injury greatly impacted his senior year as he couldn’t play what were supposed to be his glory games.

But through thick and thin, Sam stands by his brother’s side, no matter what. In the light of a district playoff game this last Friday, Donny needed his brother to get through the 37-2 loss against Fort Zumwalt North Panthers.

Although it was a sad night for the Liberty Eagles football team, it was a momentous occasion for the Arrington brothers.

According to Sam, Donny is the favorite brother. But in times like this, you forget all other opinions and critiques to help out someone you love. Their brotherly rivalry may be important, but before all else comes brotherly love.