From Pixels to Pictures

The Liberty librarians strike again with a cool new idea for students to express their creativity in the library.


Leah Miget

A pixel picture of Mario put together with post-it notes by Jordin Garey.

Leah Miget, Reporter

Pixel art is an activity that was introduced during Teen Read Week, which lasted from Oct. 7-13, with the Starry Night stick together poster that went with the theme of, “Written in the Stars.” There is now another stick together poster of a tiger up in the library that still needs students to complete it.

In an effort to step up the creativity levels with pixel art, students are encouraged to look up pixel designs and recreate them with post-it notes or even come up with their own designs.

“Pixel art is an idea where you actually build art using squares,” Ms. Olivia said. “Typically it’s done on a computer but in the library we had students using a stick together poster which is another example of pixel art. It’s a little bit more complicated in that you have to be able to create a design using squares. We’re using post-it notes in here this month with students so there’s a variety of different ways that you can do it by just using square designs.”

The designs up in the library are: a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, two pixel pictures of Mario, a Spiderman symbol, a Galactica space ship and a ghost from Pac-Man.

Seniors Kameron Davis and Zoee Harrington both made designs that showed some holiday spirit. Davis put up a post-it note Santa Claus and Harrington put up a post-it note Christmas tree.

“Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I thought Santa would be something that everyone would enjoy,” Davis said.

Many people have already taken advantage of this opportunity to take their mind off of school and do something fun. Students can work on the pixel art anytime before the semester ends.

After students finished the PSAT towards the beginning of the school year, they took time during lunch to relax and rest for a bit after working so hard. During that time, you would have found sophomores Lilia Taylor and Brianna Dierks working on the Starry Night stick together poster to give their minds a break.

“It’s pretty cool. It helps people relax and gives them a chance to take their mind off of school,” Taylor said. “Especially since the end of semester is coming up and people are stressing out because of finals and projects and things like that. I’m happy that they’ve implemented this so they can give students a chance to relieve their stress.”