Is The Past Really The Past?

Adults reflect on how high school has changed over the years


Allison Holtschlag

Stephen Holtschlag now compared to being a senior in high school

Allison Holtschlag and Amelia Lockett

High school has changed tremendously throughout years, and well, our teachers and family have been a part of the changes.

“We had smoking areas and not as many rules,” Mr. Raziq said about his experience in high school.

Going back almost 50 years ago, times were very different. Between how much society was laid back, to schools just letting students go out to lunch. Some schools allowed teachers and even bus drivers to discipline students.

“If you were misbehaving on the bus, the bus driver could pull over and kick you off, making you walk home. Teachers were also able to smack you if you didn’t listen,” Stephen Holtschlag said, who went to a Catholic Boys High School almost 50 years ago. Even though people nowadays worry about school shootings, Holtschlag was instead worried about being drafted into the Vietnam War.

Big changes have happened within the years and every school has been a part of it.  

“We didn’t have to buzz in the office to go inside,” Mr. Leonard said.  

Today, every door is kept locked and anyone who leaves or comes to the school has to go to the office to keep the students and teachers safe during the day. Another big thing is that technology has been the main thing for everyday learning.

“I had to walk to libraries to sit down and read books or magazines just to find information on topics,” Holtschlag said. The biggest thing that has been noticed is the advanced technology.

The main question is; what’s the same?

“Testing was how it is now, so is school days,” Raziq said. Other teachers like Ms. Farrelly had mentioned time management.

“I was at cheer practice before and after school. I also had a job so I really had to learn how to manage time wisely,” Farrelly said. Even now, many students have been faced with the struggle of school work, jobs and after school activities.

Many wonder about how schools may improve in the future, and well our teachers all hope they will.

“No doubt, schools will improve. We have gotten better at meeting the needs of the consumers (students, staff, and families). May not be quickly, but will happen over time,” principal Mr. Nelson said.

Another thing would be how schools are more sensitive to the students.

“I hope they will get better with bullying, diversity and acceptance,” Leonard said.

Today, many students deal with being secluded, but schools have slowly started groups where students can talk and be accepted.

With how accepting schools are today, teachers reflect on how their past learning experiences have shaped their careers.

“I have already jumped around in my career being in the military, business and now landing in education, so I believe it is possible,” Nelson said.

Now, kids are able to sit in class on computers where back then, you had to be rich to own a computer.

“I believe I would’ve ended up in something like computers,” Holtschlag said.  

Others like Leonard believe they would’ve still ended up like a teacher. So, whether it be one year ago or 50 years, time will always change the way schools change and many can’t wait to find out what the future holds for students.