Should Teachers be Paid More?

Teachers in America are getting low wages and little resources.

Should Teachers be Paid More?

Julia Bailey, Reporter

For years, teachers across the country have been going on strike for many reasons. Crowded classrooms, low pay and little resources. Los Angeles, Denver and many other cities have marched for days at a time to demand administrations to create a change in certain issues.

The LA strike just recently ended, “forcing a new agreement with the district, which includes a 6 percent raise, a gradual decrease in class sizes over the next few years and more counselors, librarians and nurses.” (CNN)

Teachers are leading the future. America’s democracy is built on having an education, and to get into college you need to have a high school degree. Therefore, the people who run the government went to high school as did the trash collector that comes by every Wednesday.

Teachers are creating the groundwork for the economy, government and market of the U.S. Therefore, they deserve higher pay. A teacher makes as little as $40,000 in Missouri, which is as much as a lawn care manager, or even a lyft driver can accumulate in a year. On top of low pay, teachers experience classes of more than 30 students to juggle and old supplies that are rarely updated.

Most teachers use their own paychecks to buy markers, decorations and paper for their students. If not, they ask students to buy some for the classroom. Oklahoma’s school conditions have been broadcasted by Buzzfeed, showing the poor classroom shape. They spoke with many teachers who have decided to leave schools and go into another job. Because of low pay, teachers are literally being forced to get another job.

In conclusion, teachers all over the U.S. are having trouble working day to day and make enough money to support themselves and their families. Something needs to be done, and soon. Possible solutions include something as simple as raising the wages and depositing more money into education.