The Radical Crew

Radium Girls crew is full of hardwork and talent


Lauren Spakowski

Juniors Julia Deters (left) and Emily Gann (right) rehearse a scene from Radium Girls.

Brooke Huffman, Reporter

Behind every good production is a hardworking team of people calling the shots. Whether designing posters, painting sets, applying makeup or moving set pieces, crew members are always busy. The talented, less recognized Thespians are the reason that our shows have the ability to run so smoothly. Radium Girls has a crew filled with dedicated students that are devoted to put on an amazing show.

The stage manager for this production is senior Cat Frank, who had previously been the stage manager for Footloose.

“Being in crew has significantly changed my view on theater, knowing it’s not all just acting. Showing me the behind-the-scenes has resulted in a new appreciation for the persistence of tech and directors, and all of the work that surrounds a performance,” Frank said. “I feel grateful that the crew would trust me with such a position, and I’m especially excited to be able to have my hand in crew and with actors.”

The stage manager is responsible for overseeing all of crew, with additional heads of specific crews like lighting, publicity, costume, sound, set and props. While most would be anxious leading such a large group of people, Frank has it all under control.

“While I do have assistant stage managers, it’s nice to be able to spearhead projects without asking for others’ opinions on it. I completely trust that crew would follow through with what Ms. Gehrke and I think is the best decision,” Frank said.

When asked about her favorite part of being on crew, Frank knew her answer immediately.

“My favorite part is definitely seeing others flourish in their position, seeing their work pay off as the show progresses. The moments of complete absorbance in both actors and crew. Everyone has a common goal, and focuses completely on the moment,” Frank said.

Others in crew have had similarly positive experiences, like head of publicity and house crew, freshman Makenzie Keiling.

“I was super shy when I started Footloose, and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I’ve had so much fun making new friends and working on crew,” Keiling said.

As the head of publicity and house crew, Keiling is in charge of making posters and programs, and selling and creating the tickets. Having worked on this crew for Footloose, Keiling is well prepared for her new role in charge. For her, crew is a safe space to meet new people.

“I haven’t been working on Radium Girls for very long, but I’m just glad to be there with everyone after school and getting to know more people,” Keiling said.

Another member is sophomore Zach Pinkham, who found his love for crew freshman year. While having worked several different crews, he will be a member of the light crew for this production. That means assisting in designing the lighting for each individual scene, positioning spotlights, and assuring that every actor can be seen.

“My favorite part is getting to be a part of the group that makes the show happen,” Pinkham said.

Each member of crew is working hard to prepare for this production, which is making its debut in nearly a month. Without them, the show wouldn’t even be possible.

Being behind the scenes doesn’t come with as much recognition as being onstage, your face isn’t on display for the whole audience to see. Crew members work hard despite all of that, they do their work simply because they love it.

Don’t forget to support crew and the rest of your Liberty Thespians by seeing Radium Girls from March 7-9.