Creating With The Basics

Fashion design and merchandising students create newspaper dresses


Shae Bowsher

The dresses are on display in the 300 hallway for students and faculty to see.

Lauren Polydys, Reporter

If you have been down the 300 hallway lately you have probably seen the dresses made completely out of paper in the display case. The students who made those are a part of Mrs. McFadden’s fashion design and merchandising class.

The only guidelines the students were given was that they could only use newspaper, pins, tape and scissors. All the rest of the design was up to them and everyone is very impressed.

They are definitely better than I expected. I didn’t expect such intricate designs out of my first time doing the project,” Mrs. McFadden said.

The students who designed each dress were: Samayah Brown (1), Lauren Doggett (2), Drew Elam (3), Aria Ellis (4), Zoee Harrington (5), Sabrina Martinez (6), Ally Perez (7), Sommer Tegtmeier (8), Chloe Voyles (9) and Katelyn Yoder (10). This was their first time doing anything like this and it helped develop their design skills.

“I really liked it, it kind of let everybody individually show their style and interests,” junior Chloe Voyles said.

To give them an incentive to give it their all, McFadden had QR codes put up by each dress so other students and faculty could vote for their favorite. The winner was dress number 6 which was made by senior Sabrina Martinez. Martinez received a total of 119 votes, which is about 34 percent, of the 327 total votes.

“I was so excited, it was really nice and I loved it,” Martinez said.

Her design was inspired by all the posts she has seen before on Pinterest posts where people have done projects similar. Her initial vision of her dress was look princess-like and she accomplished it by adding a bigger skirt or bottom to it. She was hoping for a traditional, ball gown look and she succeeded.

This project was the perfect opportunity for the fashion design students to execute and incorporate their own personal design style and be able to showcase it to the school. Each dress was unique and together they have made a perfect display for students and faculty to admire in the hallways.