Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Two students tell their views of social media


Melanie Wallace

Bri Corgan, Reporter

Social media has impacted our lives in so many ways. From Snapchatting your friends to saying what you did that day on Twitter, we use it very often. Many people use social media for positive reasons but others use to say hurtful words, causing some to disagree with it. Social media has helped people get to know others but has also caused many to get hacked.

This is why social media is good

Social media is commonly used, especially by freshman Melanie Wallace.

“I like social media because I moved a lot and so all my friends at the other places, I can still talk to,” Wallace said. It has helped her keep in touch with her friends she never gets to see anymore. “I can also see what people are doing,” Wallace said.

Her favorite social media is Snap chat and she also uses Instagram. On Instagram, you can see everything your favorite famous people post and see what their doing which is one of the reasons Wallace loves social media.

“When you have nothing to do that’s the alternative, I feel like if you’re using it the right way then it could be helpful, but I feel like there’s also a lot of cyberbullying, which i

s the downfall,” Wallace said. “But I feel like you would be using it for more good things.” Wallace sees the good and bad in social media but overall loves it.

This is why social media is bad

Kyle Cummings

Some people may be really into social media, but others don’t agree with it very much. To sign up for almost any social media, you are needed to put your personal information, including your full name, email, date of birth, etc. Junior Kyle Cummings doesn’t agree with putting his personal information out there.

“I don’t feel like people need to know everything about me,” Cummings said.  

Some people have been hacked over the years causing them to have to make a new account or find a way to protect their information. “People can really find out a lot of information about you if you’re putting out your full name and date of birth,” Cummings said. He also see the good in social media. “I can be good, it gets you out there, you get more friends, and you learn to know a lot of people.”