Tiger Rising

Just like a phoenix, Tiger Woods rises


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Tiger won his fifth Master’s this year.

Mollie Banstetter, Reporter

After what was the nail biter of this year’s Masters, Tiger Woods went home in a green jacket, representing his surprising, yet glorious victory.

Sunday was a big win for Woods, for multiple reasons. That day marked his 15th major title, which was his first in 11 years. Sunday also was his fifth Masters win, with a one shot win.

To some this may not seem like much to get excited about, but Woods’ comeback story is something that will go down as one of the best in history.

“His comeback is great for the sport of golf and for the younger generation who never got to see how great Tiger was,” Mr. Flores said, who is a golf fan.

Woods is no stranger to controversy. He has come back from what seemed like the depths of hell to reclaim yet again, the highest title in golf there is.

This comeback is unlike any other comeback, being that the road to the comeback has been ever so rocky and Woods had so many opportunities to give up, but he didn’t and that decision was rewarded.

Coach Flores didn’t expect him to win the green jacket.

“I didn’t think his health would hold up enough for him to make his comeback but skillswise, I knew he could compete,” Flores said. 

Woods started playing golf before he could walk, and playing a 2 handicap before he was 6. But due to his early talent he has always been pressured by his dad to be even better. While young Woods practiced, his dad would force him to learn how to focus and concentrate by making as many loud and distracting noises as he could.

His downfall became apparent in 2009 with the infamous crash of his Escalade, he was charged with careless driving after hitting a fire hydrant, later claims came out about his infidelity. In 2010, due to his reckless actions, Woods loss endorsements and was suspended from Golf Digest’s monthly spot for “Tigers Tips”. That was also the year he and Elin Nordegren got divorced. In 2011 and 2013, Woods sprained his MCL and left Achilles tendon, causing his playing to spiral down, he then was ranked the lowest he’s been, No. 58 in the world. From 2014 to 2017, Woods’ struggles on the golf course and undergoes two back surgeries. Woods had his fourth microdiscectomy surgery, forcing him to miss another 10 months.

It seemed like there was no way Woods was going to ever golf the way he used to in the early 2000s, but now it looks like Tiger gained another life and was set on getting that green jacket.

“When put in the right place and right situation, I believed Tiger Woods was going be able to win again…he turned the sport upside down, never have we ever had a golfer where he had casual fans wanting to watch,” boys golf coach Mr. Cole said.

When he hugged his son, I’m not gonna lie, I got a little teary eyed.

— Mr. Walterbach

On Sunday, when the competition was starting to get tired, Woods played the course, knowing what it took to win. Instead of trying to get the furthest shot, he knew where to hit the ball and how to play it smart.

Mr. Walterbach, girls basketball coach, recalls on how he had some doubt when it came to Woods possibly winning.

“Right around the 14th hole people were struggling, and I kept waiting for Tiger to hit in the bunker or hit it in the trees, but he kept his composure, and other people started fading but then bam. He did it,” Walterbach said. 

It would’ve been so easy for other athletes to just give up and give in, but it seems that, the option of quitting may have been harder for Woods. You can tell by the way Woods would break down and fall to the ground at the tee box when his shot veers to left that the sport is a big, and important part of his life. You can tell how much he cares for the game when after a decade of not being able to play how he use to, he came back with almost everyone doubting him and thrived under the immense pressure.

“The roar of the Tiger is real, and Sunday gave me goosebumps watching him finish his 15th major’s victory with his family by his side,” Flores said.