A Homemade Beauty

Senior Katelyn Yoder makes her own homecoming dress


Monica Reyes

Senior Katelyn Yoder perfects her hand-made dress during class time.

Monica Reyes, Reporter

Homecoming is right around the corner, having everyone excited for the annual event. Senior Katelyn Yoder went dress shopping and was unable to find anything that met her standards (totally relatable). So she decided to use her design skills and make her own dress by herself.

“For the dress that I’m making, it’s cheaper to make it,” Yoder said. “The materials cost less than it would if I bought a finished dress.” 

The dress will be the first one that Yoder has made herself. She has been putting a great amount of effort into this for about a month, on and off during the school day. 

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Even though this dress is the first piece of clothing that she’s made, this isn’t the first time she’s made something for herself. Yoder has also made bags for herself and her family. After making this dress, she isn’t so sure if she wants to make clothing anymore.

“It’s really hard,” Yoder said. “I don’t want to make clothing in the future. More like fashion marketing. But I do consider myself good at what I do. A lot of my friends say my dress is really pretty. And they want me to finish soon so they can see it.” 

And they aren’t the only ones. FACS teacher Mrs. McFadden is also very excited to see the finished product. 

“I think that she is very talented,” McFadden said. “This is a big and ambitious project but I think that she can handle it with how talented she is. I haven’t helped her with this dress at all either. It’s all her.” 

McFadden is very proud of her and her accomplishments too. 

“I think that she will definitely be in fashion in some way. She’s got the drive and the passion. I know that this will definitely be a part of her future.”