A Taste Of Wentzville

Diversity Club joins Holt’s CUSA club in hosting tasting event


Sophomore Dori Earle checks out tasting event flyer displayed in the 400 hallway.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

Liberty’s Diversity club will be joining Holt’s CUSA (Culturally United Student Association) club in hosting a tasting event at Liberty on Sept. 28. The free event will be held in the commons and will last from 1-5 p.m. African American, Middle Eastern and Hispanic cultures will be represented. There will be a restaurant and activity for each booth, available for people of all ages. 

Senior Tai Williams, who is an active member of Diversity club, encourages as many people as possible to come and check it out. 

“Come in and buy food from different areas of the world that include a different ethnicity, race and culture,” Williams said. “There will be cultural events that you can you do. You can walk around with your friends and family. Buy food if you want, try different foods, play community games and learn about different cultures.”

Students understand the importance of multiculturalism. 

“I think at a young age it’s important that we’re exposed to as many different cultures as possible to make us more accepting and open-minded as adults,” sophomore Paige Bostic said. 

Diversity club helps to spread awareness and give recognition to cultures. 

“We are diversity club and we help spread awareness for different cultures and ethnicities,” Williams said. “The Taste of Wentzville is just to bring people together. Even though people eat differently and we can all eat differently together.”