Postseason Pride

The MLB postseason is here, who do you think will win?


Madison Pegg, Reporter

The postseason is upon us, with that comes a lot of opinions. The Braves, Dodgers, Rays and Twins are all out leaving only four teams. While all teams left definitely have a shot at the World Series, Liberty students and teachers have some opinions on who is going to win.

“Our starting pitcher Jack Flaherty has been a lights out this season,” said Mr. Evans, talking about the Cardinals, the hometown team of St. Louis. Some people at Liberty think the Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty is going to lead them to the World Series such as Coach Jolliff. Cardinals young pitcher Flaherty is a mere 23 years old but is one of the Cardinals best pitchers and is inspiring hope in Cardinals fans.  

Jolliff believes that the pitching is what will drive them to win, despite two of their best starting pitchers being very young. Jolliff believes their pitching will only get better. He says Adam Wainwright usually gets better later in the season. 

“Houston has a good pitching staff, maybe even a little better. We match up with them pretty evenly when it comes to offense, defense as well,” Coach Jolliff said. He believes it will come down to the Cardinals and Astros.

“In the postseason, the pitching is what wins and the Cardinals, of the teams remaining, have the best bullpen,” said Coach Clements. Clements, the softball and baseball coach here at Liberty, believes the Cardinals will win the series.

Sophomore Piper Abernathy believes that it will be down to the Cardinals and Yankees.

“The games we win is when we hit, the games we don’t win is when we don’t hit at all,” she said. Abernathy believes that the Cardinals defense is better than their offense. Both Abernathy and Evans both agree that the Cardinals’ offensive side hasn’t been the best but their defense makes up for it.

“The Cardinals have a lot less errors than they did last year, having a new manager has really helped with that, just his mindset of what they are supposed to do,” Jolliff said. The management of manager Mike Shildt proves to be positive this season. Jolliff says that rookie players like Thomas Edman encourage the veteran players such as Molina. 

The Astros and Yankees are definitely contenders. Coach Kling says even though he doesn’t want to see them win he thinks the Yankees will win. He says that they have a good rotation and offense. Abernathy also believes that the Yankees will make it to the World Series due to their many power hitters.

From players like Jack Flaherty of the Cardinals and Carlos Correa of the Astros, every team has something more to offer. There are four teams and there can only be one winner of the World Series. Who do you think it will it be?