JV Defense Shines In Close Loss To Timberland


Mr. Mason

Kamron Bastean helps the defense tremendously in the game versus Timberland.

Craig Nickels, Reporter

Going into the JV football team’s game against Timberland on Oct. 7, the Eagles defense was killing it. The team was 4-1 and headed in the right direction. However, a shaky offense for the Eagles in the first half cost them in the end in a 10-6 loss at home to Timberland. 

The defense shined in the game, especially Dominik Bishop and Chase Vickery. They have both been racking up interceptions like they are Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. We could possibly have a new Legion of Boom right here at Liberty. 

With what would’ve been a receiving touchdown, Bishop ended up picking a ball off in the end zone and saved his team from allowing an extra six points. Right as he caught it you could see the look in the opposing receivers right as Bishop had the interception. The receiver was just shocked. He was shaking his head as he went back to the sideline.

On top of it all, the Eagles have a freshman cornerback bursting into the scene named Kamron Bastean and he brings a winning mentality every game. He is not very big but he hits like he is 6’1” and 180 pounds. He is a very important piece of this team as is everyone else. 

“We have a very solid defense,” coach Hill said. “If we played our assignments a little better I think we could’ve kept them to only one field goal, but we have some very good talent on both sides of the ball but the defense is really standing out so far.” 

Against Timberland, the offense was struggling in the first half with not getting a single first down. However, they came into the second half with the mindset that they were going to comeback and win. They were down 7-0 going into the second half. Timberland was receiving the kickoff second half and they drove down the field and ended up settling with a field goal. The drive lasted six minutes and took up most of the third quarter. 

Mr. Mason
The defense fights hard to keep the Timberland offense out of the end zone.

When the offense got the ball back they had two consecutive runs that did not get back to the line of scrimmage. On 3rd and 11 they decided to throw a slant which was underthrown to receiver Seth Benes. Once again they could not get a first down. The defense however also made Timberland’s offense go 3 and out.

The fourth quarter had started and Liberty still didn’t have a first down. They did end up going 3 and out and on 4th and 6 they decided to try a fake punt. The long snapper Peyton Braile snapped it to Colby Adelsberger instead of punter Cole Allen. Adelsberger ran downfield and picked up 16 yards on the carry. That was Liberty’s first, first down in the whole game. After that, they drove down the field and ended up on the 1 yard line in a 4th and 1 situation and the coaches decided to put in the freshman offensive line and Liberty scored a touchdown. Reece Davidson ran it in and scored six points for his team.

“I am extremely proud of the freshman offensive line stepping up and helping the team score touchdowns,” coach Hill said. “In the last two games both of our touchdowns have been with the freshman offensive line in and I could not be more proud.” 

The touchdown was not enough as the drive lasted over seven minutes. The coaches tried everything they could to get the ball back, but Timberland wouldn’t let up. The clock ticked down to zero and Liberty had received the loss. 

“We made Timberland earn that win. We never give up,” Coach Hill also said later on. In the end, the JV football team may have received a loss in the scorebook. However, that scorebook does not show how hardly fought that game really was.