Student’s School Stress

Insight on how school impacts mental health


Eijalanrain Jeffs

The third episode of HeadTalk interviewing Grayce Page.

Eijalanrain Jeffs and Brianna Howard

Test anxiety and sleep deprivation happen all the time in a student’s life. We decided to get outlook from another student on how she deals with test anxiety, sleep deprivation and overall school stress. 

Freshman Grayce Page has joined us today to talk about how school has affected her mental health. Page has been affected by sleep deprivation in school due to the piles of homework and the overall stress of school. Her sleep deprivation has been caused mostly by her procrastination on her homework due to social media, Netflix and Youtube. Sleep deprivation has really impacted Page’s mental health. 

Test anxiety has also impacted Page’s mental health.  Her test anxiety would normally starts a couple of days prior to the test and continues while she is taking the test. However, it mostly happens after she took the test because of the thought of knowing that she can’t change anything. This build up causes her test anxiety because she starts focusing on how good she is going do on it. Listen to this podcast to hear more about how sleep deprivation and test anxiety affects a student’s life.