The Triumvirate

Three teachers discuss carpooling in the morning


Photo submitted by Mr. Weis

The triumvirate – Mr. Weis, Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Stoll – gather for a photo after their commute to Liberty.

Brandon Hennis, Reporter

Mr. Weis, Mr. Hendricks, and Mr. Stoll all enjoy life in St. Louis city and live just blocks away from each other. The triumvirate, as they like to call themselves, have been carpooling to school in the morning for the past year.

“Sometimes we’re three, sometimes we’re two, sometimes we’re solo, but more often than not, we are all three together,” Weis said, explaining the friendship between the three.

Regardless of the 35-minute commute they make each morning -which, to some students, may seem insane- they are able to take turns driving, which saves money on gas and also leads to good conversation.

The trio loves spending time in neighborhoods like Dogtown, where Mr. Hendricks resides, and many more up and coming neighborhoods in the city area. Hendricks lays out the convenience of journeying throughout the city with ease and deciding 15 minutes before game time if he wants to go to a Cardinals game. Mr. Hendricks makes it clear that there’s no place he’d rather be.

Sometimes we’re three, sometimes we’re two, sometimes we’re solo, but more often than not, we are all three together.

— Mr. Weis

It wasn’t always this way.  It all started when Weis moved classrooms from the 100 hallway to the 200 hallway. He and Stoll got to know each other a little better and realized they happened to live right next to each other. So, being the economically friendly thing to do, they got to talking about carpooling. The pair carpooled to Liberty all last year, then when Hendricks moved into Dogtown only a few months ago, an area only minutes from Weis and Stoll, they looped him into the mix. The trio has been saving miles and money ever since.

When asked about moving closer to work, Stoll had quite an interesting take.

“I have not thought about living closer to work, actually I’d prefer to live closer to the city. I really like Tower Grove South right now. I’ve been spending a lot of time in these kind of up and coming neighborhoods,” he said. Stoll says there are many advantages to living in the city including visits to Forest Park, saying hi to the red pandas at the zoo, going to Blues games and more.

While city life may seem distant to some Liberty students, the trio shows how life in St. Louis city can be great. Weis also spoke about the neighborhood he lives in, knowing his neighbors and the possible dangers of living in the city.

“True that, those things do occur, in the city, but those things occur in other parts of Missouri too and other parts of the country,” Weis said. “I mean I know that people have legitimate concerns about coming to the city for the purposes of their own security. I get it. But just as it is throughout life, uncertainty, and that a little bit of fear, are things that you just have to naturally overcome.”

Weis continues his point in that the city is ultimately safe.

“So the sacrifice of making a commute to Liberty, throughout the school year, is a small price to pay, but hanging out with these two guys it’s been a really cool trip,” Weis said. The three are more than content with their daily commute, as to them, it’s not a commute, it’s a lifestyle.