Saying Goodbye To Our Childhood

Our decade is coming to an end

Some of the favorite throwbacks from the 2010s include Nickelodoen, Zhu zhu pets, and silly bands.

created by Sabryn Gibson

Some of the favorite throwbacks from the 2010s include Nickelodoen, Zhu zhu pets, and silly bands.

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

With the decade coming to an end and 2020 starting soon, many students feel like their saying goodbye to their childhood. This decade has been where a lot of our childhood has taken place and it’s hard to say goodbye to those memories. The 2010s was a simpler time when a lot of us were able to be a carefree kid without the stress of school or relationships. 

As high schoolers, we sometimes tend to try to act older than we are, then something happens and we find ourselves wanting to be a kid again. When your a kid everything was just easier, expectations were lower, school wasn’t as stressful, and friends were easier to make. As a kid when you fell, you got right back up again but as a teenager, it’s not that easy anymore.

“My whole childhood happened in the 2000’s so it feels like it’s going to be over, like the end.” freshman Kyndall Stubblefield explains. Many students can relate to Stubblefield and her thoughts on the new year coming up. In a way, it does feel like the end of something.

Many of the things we would spend hours playing with are gone. We have outgrown not only our old toys but our old selves. As if the donation box that took away our toys and clothes we outgrew took away the child we once were as well. If you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s hard to even recognize yourself as a kid. I often find myself looking back thinking about how little I knew, a good and bad thing. 

With 2020 coming it’s more than just a new year for us, it’s a new chapter of our life. But with this comes good, it’s a wake-up call for those that maybe need to grow up and mature. I think everyone has a little bit of Peter Pan in them the “I don’t want to grow up!” attitude, but growing up is inevitable and one day, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, or even years from now we’ll accept it.