Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming

Students and staff come together to study for finals and enjoy some holiday treats


Leah Miget

Grace Pickering is ready for Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming after all the hard work she's put into the event.

Leah Miget, Reporter

With winter break coming up and finals fast approaching, some students get overwhelmed with studying for final exams, catching up on missing work, etc. Everyone experiences stress to some degree towards the end of the semester.

But, in the hopes of easing students’ minds and relieving some stress, StuCo is hosting another Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming session this year for students to drink hot cocoa, eat some cookies and get back on track before they leave for the weekend.

This worthwhile study session will be hosted in the LHS Commons on Dec. 18 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. There are 12 teachers signed up so far to answer students’ questions and teach mini-lessons on the subjects students found difficult or may need a refresher on. Last year, more than 90 students came to what is essentially an amped-up study hall to reap the benefits from the additional time and help provided.

Junior Grace Pickering has really taken the lead on this project to make Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming possible and to promote the event so as many students will benefit from it as possible. The goal this year is for at least a total of 20 teachers to sign up to help and for over 120 students to come and study for their finals together.

“The goal of Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming is just to help students feel like they’re better prepared for their final tests,” Pickering said.

If more teachers would like to sign up, they should look for an emailed survey from Pickering asking what department they’re in, how long they’re willing to stay and what materials they need.

Everyone is welcome at Cookies, Cocoa & Cramming so consider taking advantage of this opportunity and have a happy holiday!