Senior Brianna Dierks uses her artistic talent to sell stickers that she designed on Redbubble

Leah Miget, Reporter

Leah Miget
Brianna Dierks has a wide variety of stickers on her chromebook. The cat astronaut sticker on the left is her favorite sticker being displayed.

Stickers are a fun and easy way for students to personalize their Chromebooks. There are lots of Chromebooks with memes, band logos, cartoons, and Mr. Nelson’s face stuck on them and most of these stickers are bought online. But what if we could support one of our fellow student’s artistic talent by buying her designs in the form of stickers.

This senior’s username on Redbubble is “cakes-in-a-pan,” but to those who know her in real life, her name is Brianna Dierks.

Dierks, a senior, has enjoyed drawing for as long as she can remember and now she has started selling some of her designs on Redbubble. There are going to be more stickers added to Redbubble in the near future and she is open to suggestions for new stickers.

Someone who has seen a lot of Dierks’ art is senior Samantha Staunton who believes that Dierks has lots of potential.

“In her sketchbooks, I’ve seen a lot of different stickers and all the different mediums she uses. She’s creating art and it’s something important but she may not see it as important even though it’s something we love doing,” Staunton said.

When Dierks was very young, her mom used to give her markers and a pad of paper to doodle on at the airport while they were waiting to board a plane. This is one of her first memories of drawing and her love for it has grown ever since.

To put her designs online, she uses her iPad and an apple pencil. As for the subject of her drawings, she likes to draw cute things because they make her happy and she draws whenever inspiration strikes her.

“Right now I only have two drawings posted. One is of a llama and a cat and the other one is a self-portrait type thing where I’m playing with a cat with my hair,” Dierks said.

If you would like to buy a sticker from Brianna Dierks, go to Redbubble and search for cakes-in-a-pan.

If you would like to make a request for a specific design, email: [email protected]