A Day at J-School

Student Publication Leaders spend the day at Mizzou


LHS Publications

LHS Publications students stand outside the Columbia Missourian, a daily newspaper that Mizzou journalism students produce. This hands-on philosophy of learn-by-doing is deemed “the Missouri Method.”

Sruthi Ramesh, Editor of LHStoday

“Publications is Life.”

Sophomore Fiona Flynn can attest to her love of journalism that she shares with her peers. “On the first day of school, Mr. Hall told us this; and that is the heart and soul of our program.”

And this notion was reinforced on Feb 25 at the “Missouri Journalism Education Association Leadership Day at the Missouri School of Journalism.” Students heavily invested in the Liberty Publications program attended the event for a day of learning about the different types of journalism and how they work together. The main goal of this annual initiative is that students bring the information they learn back to their school, and take it with them into their future career.

“I think it was a really cool experience and it’s nice to experience what it’s like at college. The atmosphere was really respectful, and the campus really clean,” freshman Jayce Haun said.

Lauren Spakowski, the Co-Editor of the Talon Yearbook & the Photo Editor of the Magazine, is planning on attending the J-School after graduation.

“Coming here for the second time now, was definitely a super educational experience; and because I am going to college at Mizzou next year, it gives me the opportunity to learn about the campus more and learn about what I will be experiencing in the coming years.”


On the other hand, some are not as inclined to go. As Cole Allen explained, “I’m from Arkansas and my family would kill me if I went to Mizzou. Arkansas and Missouri do not get along. Otherwise, I’d totally be open to going.”

In 1908, Walter Williams founded a school–the world’s first to offer a journalism degree and still the most renowned to this day.

The “J-School,” as it is often called, awarded the world’s first undergraduate degree in journalism (1909), master’s degree in journalism (1921) and doctorate degree in journalism (1934).

Located at the heart of Mizzou’s beautiful 1,262-acre campus, the Missouri School of Journalism is where storytellers of all kinds can find their voices by using them first. This hands-on philosophy of learn-by-doing was deemed “the Missouri Method.”

Today, the Missouri Method allows students to gain hands-on, career-ready experience in six professional newsrooms–including an NBC affiliate, an NPR-member station, a digital-first community newspaper–and two advertising agencies with paying national clients.

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