New and Improved Hall Monitor

Liberty welcomes Mr. Hill with his relieving assistance to help monitor the halls


Emily Coffin

As Mr. Hill walks the halls all day, he has some time to sit down and work on his other duties.

Emily Coffin, Reporter

Despite the fact that Mr. Hill hasn’t been here long, he’s already made a huge impact on the students by helping to decrease student tardies and even providing great advice and is a very respectable friend. 

“I like the fact that I can talk to him,” sophomore Payton Russo said. “He has been there for me when I need help and makes me smile when I’m feeling down.” 

Not only does Mr. Hill have a passion for helping others, he also enjoys “collecting vinyl records and watching a weird amount of movies.” 

As a hall monitor, his day-to-day responsibilities are “to keep the hallways safe and fun” during the day. Though by night Mr. Hill coaches football. 

Mr. Hill graduated from Missouri Western and has a bachelor’s degree in theatre, film and even dance. 

Before Mr. Hill came to Liberty, he was “in college also working at car dealerships in St. Louis.” 

He decided to come here because with having a former college friend, math teacher and football coach Mr. McMillen, who also works here. Hill was offered a job to either become a football coach or a hall monitor. With his experience, he decided to take on both of the jobs. 

Since Mr. Hill has a sister that also works here, Mrs. Hill the ISS teacher, he says “it’s okay but she always asks me to cover for her when she’s busy, but she brings me food so I really appreciate that.”

Considering Mr. Hill is only 24 years old, he still has many dreams that he wants to achieve to satisfy his life such as “becoming a professor with a master’s degree and getting back into directing.”

For now, however, he will be blessing us with his helping hands.