Kicking Up Their Heels

To celebrate Valentine's Day, students attend annual Winter Formal


Emily Bohn

Aimee Weber, Sarah Tate and Antoinette Oliphant enjoy their time at the Sweetheart Dance.

Emily Coffin, Reporter

On Feb 15, Student Council held their annual Winter Formal, the theme this year being “The Sweetheart Dance.”

Considering it is still winter, finding the right attire was hard but for sophomore Molly Marino, she had already picked out the perfect dress.

“I wore a red dress with long sleeves so I wouldn’t be cold during pictures and comfortable while dancing,” Marino said.

The sweetheart dance took place the day after Valentine’s Day,  in the commons. The original date had been postponed due to another anticipated snow day. This gave students more time for preparation and led to a beneficial outcome. 

Emily Bohn
The annual sweetheart dance took place on Saturday, Feb. 15.

As the night of the dance approached, everyone rushed to look as good as they could. As well as getting prepared to walk into the doors leading to electrifying music and exhilarating heart rates ready to crush the dance floor.

“Dancing makes me feel alive and just sets me free,” sophomore Payton McCormick said.

Being the first couple of people at this kind of event could be a little frightening, however, for freshman Emily Hammock and her friends, they made the absolute best of night.

Accompanied by close to 100 people, pop music blaring over the speakers and lights flashing, there’s no way the dance could have been any better.

“With this being one of my first dances, I had a really good time besides falling almost every two seconds,” Hammock said.

There was a mix from freshmen to seniors to even staff members dancing like no one was watching. With the amount of success that this dance had, it will definitely be pursued to bigger and better events.