More Than Just A Doorbell

The Ring doorbell doesn’t just alert you if someone is at your door with a sound, but you can actually see who’s at your door with the camera


Serena Bartels

Freshman Kayla Venz gets an alert that someone is at her front door.

Serena Bartels, Reporter

The Ring doorbell isn’t just any average doorbell. With a camera built into the device, it can capture and hold video of anyone leaving or entering your house. 

The idea of the home security device started from Jamie Siminoff, the founder of home security and now security company ring. He originally brought the idea of the doorbell to the reality TV show “Shark Tank” where ideas are brought to a group of investors hoping to get money to jump-start their product. The doorbell was rejected on the show but that, however, did not stop the doorbell from becoming a huge hit. 

Freshman Kayla Venz has a Ring doorbell at her mom and dad’s house.

“I like knowing who is at my door when I’m not home, or when I need to answer the door. It’s also nice knowing what’s going around my house, like loud car doors or just unusual things,” Venz said.  

The doorbell can capture and detect anything from a package being dropped off at your house, to capturing video of a  Metroid in the sky. The doorbell can assist police investigators and protect homes from thieves, criminals, and danger. More than 400 police have partnered with homeowners for surveillance. 

Freshman Abby Gnant doesn’t have a ring doorbell but she says “The Ring doorbell is really cool and I can see why it’s a popular device these days.” 

A normal wired doorbell can cost you up to $30 and the only thing they do is make a noise to alert you someones at your door. The Ring doorbell costs around $100. Do you think that’s too much? With the doorbell being more than just a device that can warn you that someone’s at your door, do you think it’s worth the extra money?