Spring Sports Are Here

Athletes battling the butterflies as practices begin

Spring sports began practices Monday, March 2 to nice 55 degree temperatures.

Jayce Haun

Spring sports began practices Monday, March 2 to nice 55 degree temperatures.

Craig Nickels, Reporter

Spring sports are upon us and what better way to start it than a nice 55 degree winter day for the first day of practice on March 2. With the weather changing and spring sports entering the world of Liberty High School, we are here to talk about the nerves of trying out and if students are nervous. We will also be trying to motivate you and let you know that if you are nervous, you’re not the only one. It’s normal to have butterflies before tryouts and most students have them. Some would say if you do not have them then you are immortal. If you do have butterflies though do not worry, we are going to teach you some tips and tricks on how to be confident at your tryouts, rather than scared. 

First off if you play baseball here at Liberty then you know that it can be nerve-racking stepping up in front of the coaches with their eyes locked on you and just watching your every move. It’s intimidating and scary at first, stepping up there but you just need to relax. If you are stiff as a board, the coaches are going to notice that. Just be yourself. You do not have to try and impress, just go out there and be yourself. If you aren’t yourself then once the season comes around and you change how you act and the coaches don’t like it then they will more than likely bench you right away. Being nervous just comes with life. It’s okay to be nervous as long as you don’t let it get to your head. As long as you are yourself you will do just great.

“I’m a little nervous but I know that if I am myself, I have a better chance of making the team,” freshman Aidan Berry stated.

For soccer, the same rules apply. Being yourself is the best thing you can do at tryouts and it will make you the most successful person that you can be. If you have strength, try and show it off. Show the coaches that you belong with the other girls. They will notice you and everything that comes with you including your personality which goes a long way during the tryout phase, and also in the season. If you do well and show your contribution to the team then the coaches could move you up a level. 

Boys’ tennis practices have also started up and they are also looking forward to having a standout year. All the boys are happy to be there and hoping that they do very well during the season. That all starts with a good mentality and getting enough sleep so your body can refuel. You need the energy to play sports, and if you are going to bed at one in the morning, then you are probably not going to be playing at your full potential.

Spring sports are here and the weather is getting nice. Remember to be yourself during tryouts this year. It really goes a long way!