Pop Culture Over Time

How the Times Have Changed

Pop culture has always had a big impact on people but it’s mostly the younger generation that it affects. 

So what was the pop culture like for our parents or grandparents? The pop culture when they were our age was a lot different, with totally different music, style, movies, shows, artists and politics. In this episode, join Brianna Howard, Eijalanrain Jeffs and Sabryn Gibson in discussing the pop culture throughout the 20th century. 

Each decade had something new, whether it be style, music, a new outlook on something, or a better film than the last. No decade was the same in terms of pop culture or just daily life. For example, there are very drastic differences between the ’50s and ’60s. The ’50s were a time of the ‘modern American family’ and the ’60s were probably one of the most creative periods with a theme of peace and love that carried on to the ’70s. The ’80s and ’90s were also two very different decades with the ’80s having very colorful clothes with patterns and in the ’90s ‘grunge’ became very popular and rap music exploded. 

One thing these decades did have in common was the growing technology that is still growing today. Even with the pop culture-changing constantly there were some things that we could still relate to today, like how in almost every decade it was the youth of America that was fighting for what they thought was fair and I think many of today’s young people can relate to this.