Love, Quarantine

Friends leave encouraging notes during quarantine

Emily Barnett, Reporter

Millions of children across the country have had their lives temporarily put on halt. While COVID-19 has been circulating throughout the country, many adjustments have been made to ensure all students and staff at school are safe. This means online school, sports season and event cancellations, being separated from friends, and an overall change in routine. The last few weeks in isolation have been stressful for everybody. During these hard times, close friends have come together to support one another by leaving encouraging notes at their friends’ homes. 

Caitlynn Chaney: 

“I got one from my church friend, Vennessa, and it just made me so happy! I know this quarantine is really hard on all of us and I just thought if it made me happy it would make others feel happy too.”  

Ashlynn Wilson:

“When I received the box of letters, I  was completely surprised that all of the people I went to school with took the time to write something very thoughtful and sweet even when they didn’t know me that well. The letters have positively impacted me, whenever I’m feeling upset or just feel like giving up I read a couple of them and they push me to always think positively and know that things will get better. They can spread a positive message by making people feel good in dark times.”  

Bella Bahr:

“I wanted to write letters to my friends because it gave me something to do but it was also so rewarding seeing how it could brighten someone else’s day. I think everyone that received a letter wasn’t really expecting it because you don’t get a ton of mail anymore, but that just made it even more fun.”