10 Things To Do When Quarantine Is Over


Elaine Thimyan

With no teenagers or customers walking or driving to Target, it’s eerily empty.

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

Quarantine has everyone going stir crazy in their house, desperately craving to spend time with friends and get out. If you haven’t already started planning what to do when quarantine is over, here is a list of things to do, that is affordable due to the lack of work. 

1. Go to St. Charles Main Street 

 Main Street is definitely a favorite amongst many people of our community. While it’s tempting to shop around, it’s also nice just to look and stop by some of your favorite shops and tiny restaurants.

2. Having a photoshoot

Obviously lots of people have been doing this as a way to pass the time. Some of the hottest trends right now are having photoshoots with mirrors outside and developing photos with a disposable camera. 

3. Playing outside

It sounds a little childish but with the whole pressure to be outside, it makes sense. Playing four square, going to a park/ playground and not to mention it’s free. 

4. Having a sleepover 

This is obvious but there’s lots of things to do. Walk to a store, watch movies, catch up with each other and do things around the house like go swimming if there’s a pool or jump on a trampoline. 

5. Go to an outdoor movie theater

With the nicer weather approaching, drive-in theaters will be opening back up and it’s definitely worth the time to go. It’s probably not the most affordable one on the list but it’s still a fun experience.

6. Go to the mall 

Definitely tempting to buy things but it’s still a classic pass time.  Going to stores and trying things on or just goofing around is a good way to pass the time. 

7. Go to a library

With all the libraries being closed, it will be a good way to support them when they reopen. Not to mention it’s a good idea to catch up on some good reads. Pass the time with a good book as the world reopens. 

8. Go to a miniature golf course

With the good weather, it’s a good idea to have a fun time and still be outside. With local mini-golf courses around, it’s easy and affordable to mess around with friends. 

9. Eat at your favorite restaurants 

Just like the libraries, restaurants will need your help getting back on their feet. Depending on where you eat it can be a little pricey but all businesses will need the help to re-open and pay for utilities and other food supplies, and you can enjoy a fresh warm meal while you help. 

10. Go to the zoo/downtown 

While there will probably still be restrictions, as they let up it would be a good idea to go to the zoo or any other place downtown. They have the new aquarium, the City Museum, the Art Museum, The Muny, which will be going into its new season soon for the summer, Ikea, and loads more. 

We’re all waiting for the moment where we can go back to making life-long memories with our friends and family and it’s a bit daunting right now but it will be over at one point, so it’s always nice to have something planned to celebrate.