Emma Graves – Rising Tik Tok Star

Emma Graves is a rising Tik Tok star and we talk about how she got to where she is today and what she plans to with this rising fame


Laura Graves

Emma Graves posing out in the nice warm spring sun

Jaxon Drezek, Reporter

Caring, funny and entertaining is what makes Emma Graves the rising Tik Tok star she is today.

With 440.7K Followers and 3.4M likes in total, she certainly has something going. When asked what she thinks makes her Tik-Toks so good, she said, “I think it’s connecting with my fans and helping them through their problems with bullying. A lot of kids look up to me and it’s nice a feeling too.”

She got into Tik Tok (Music.ly at the time) in second grade and what got her into it was the fact that is was a new social media and it seemed like a lot of fun so she gave it a shot. Now look where she is!

Will she take advantage of this rising fame and if so, how?

“I want to work with anti-bullying campaigns because I struggled with bullying and understand what kids are going through and I don’t want them to feel like their alone, my followers are unique in their own way.”

With a heart full of love and a care in the world for everyone she reaches out to, she is ready for the spotlight.

If you want to go take a look at her Tik Tok account @officalemmagraves and do follow, please.