Mask Makers

Students make masks to help slow the spread of the virus


Provided by Jaden Zelidon

These are some of the masks that were hand-made by Zelidon.

Jayce Haun, Reporter

As the supply of masks becomes more and more scarce, some people have put their creativity to work, making and selling masks to the public.

Sophomore Jaden Zelidon is one of the people who are making masks for the community. Zelidon started making masks for his family members but expanded to making them for anyone who asked.

“My dad is an essential worker, so he has to go out to work every day and continue his normal duties. This inspired my mom and I to start making masks for him and some of his co-workers,” Zelidon said. “This led to us making masks for other community members, as well as local hospitals that are in need.”

The sophomore also has two other essential workers in his life, making the harsh reality of this pandemic apparent. But to someone who has never sewn anything before, the opportunity to learn and have these materials available, was a way he can contribute to help those who are suffering.

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