Varsity Football Adjusts to COVID-19

How the Eagles are making changes for the pandemic


Abby Jordan

Jacob Sorge (#8) gives Blake Seaton (#18) a pat on the back after an amazing touchdown by Jordan Smith (#23).

Elektra Lowe, Reporter

As we can all tell, this year is going to be different- especially different for this year’s varsity football team. There are fewer people cheering on the team at games. Only the family members are allowed to be in the stands. Maks are required.

So what exactly does this mean? The stands aren’t as full, there’s no huge crowd around the stands to cheer them; on like the good old days.

Wyatt Haynes and James Ford are both seniors this year, and this will be their very last season setting foot on the football field. 

“I’m very happy about sports in the fall,” Haynes said. “Just being able to have the opportunity to play is something that I won’t take for granted especially because I get to be out on the field with my family.” Haynes was motivated by the team. They had an amazing season last year, and he got to spend time with all of his friends and wants to keep that. 

Ford was motivated because he unsure about wrestling being canceled. He didn’t want his final year of high school without any sports, so he decided to join football.

Liberty’s football team lines up against Timberland in a game earlier this season. (Sarah Downs)

In regards to the bond between players, Haynes says that because of COVID-19, the team is really close. They all are just happy to be at football. Just in general, happy to be out and doing what they all love.

The team seems to be adjusting really well, wearing masks and socially distancing at practices. As of right now, they are doing their best out on the fields and also keeping each other safe. During the game, they have to have a “splash shield” on their helmets.

Not only precautions being taken on-field, but also off-field. Ford says that he feels less pressure during the games but is upset that he is unable to see his friends cheering him on in the stands.

While Haynes adds, “I think a football game is better when you can have an atmosphere around you and your friends. In a stadium that’s full, you can really feel the energy through the game, but I think that’s something our team has really done well is building that atmosphere from the sidelines.”

As of right now, the football season is going very well so far. The team is 2-1 after playing at Troy High School and winning the game after they lost to Timberland. 

“I think Liberty’s faced some challenges this year with COVID-19 but we’ve succeeded in overcoming them and becoming a far better team than we were in the past,” Haynes said.