Making Masks

How senior Emily Brockmann started her mask business

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

Emily Brockmann wears a mask she made. You can order a mask on her Instagram @ebmaks or you can contact her on her school email [email protected].  (Sarah Downs )

Senior Emily Brockmann started out, like most of us, bored in quarantine when her grandma gave her a Cricut cutting machine and Brockmann decided to do something. Brockmann was just playing around with the machine at first when she saw a Tik Tok that inspired her. 

I saw a Tik Tok and they had these little pouches that they put monograms on. I thought it was super cute so I started with that,” Brockmann said.

After making these pouches, Brockmann’s mom posted them on her Facebook and within three days Brockmann had 100 orders. With her business booming, Brockmann decided to start making custom masks too. 

“I decided that it would be really cool to make custom masks that people could just order and get super quick,” she said.

submitted by E. Brockmann

Brockmann puts a lot of thought into her masks, from how breathable and reliable they are to custom orders with people’s names or sports numbers. She has even started making masks with the LHS logo and eagle. Brockmann’s business teacher Ms. Taylor was impressed and told some of the staff at Liberty about the masks. 

Brockmann was surprised to see how many people were interested. Soon she started to get even more orders.

“I started getting a ton of orders from them for the masks and the pouches. It was really cool to see how much people were interested in it.” 

Since starting this business, Brockmann’s life has gotten a bit crazier especially in that first couple of weeks when she was getting 30+ orders a day. 

“I had nothing to do then so I worked day and night filling orders,” Brockmann told me.

Now that school has started again, Brockmann’s main priority is balancing her time between school, tennis, and her business. Overall, Brockmann is glad that she now has something to do in her free time.

You can order a mask on her Instagram @ebmaks or you can contact her on her school email [email protected].