Week 5 NFL Picks

With the NFL season underway, we decided to give our picks weekly.


Sruthi Ramesh

(Left to Right) Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski are the hosts of “Hot Takes.”

Three LHStoday sportswriters – Andrew Hanson, Patrick Lynch and Jaxin Osinski – make their NFL picks for week 5.

Bucs vs. Bears

Andrew: Low scoring game but I think the Bucs will slightly out pace.

Patrick: Bucs; I don’t think the Bears secondary can keep up with Tom Brady.

Jaxin: Bucs are really starting to mesh together I don’t think the Bears will be able to keep up.

Jaguars vs. Texans

Andrew: Texans gotta get a win sooner or later.

Patrick: Jaguars; 2 words: Minshew Mania.

Jaxin: After firing Bill O´Brien I think a lot of stress has been relieved in Houston. I think they will rally around the new coach and get a win.

Falcons vs. Panthers

Andrew: I got the Falcons but this one should be close.

Patrick: Panthers; Falcons have been really disappointing.

Jaxin: Panthers played good football against the Cardinals I think they continue this week and win.

Cardinals vs. Jets

Andrew: Cardinals by a landslide’.

Patrick: Cardinals; Jets can’t keep pace on either side of the ball.

Jaxin: Bounce back game for Kyler Murray and the Cardinals.

Rams vs. Washington Football Team

Andrew: Rams, I don’t think the football team has enough star talent.

Patrick: Rams, Washington has injuries and no clear leaders at the moment.

Jaxin: Washington has been having QB issues and Rams have been playing good I got the Rams. 

Giants vs. Cowboys

Andrew: I got the Cowboys and it’s not even close.

Patrick: Cowboys; On paper the Cowboys should win, but they always find a way to throw the game so we will see.

Jaxin: I think this is a bounce back for Dallas and it could potentially be a beat down.

Colts vs. Browns

Patrick: Browns; The Browns are a sleeper team this season.

Andrew: Colts; Colts are just a good all around team.

Jaxin: I love Cleveland they look good but I think the Colts defense overwhelms Baker. 

Bills vs. Titans

Andrew: Bills defense will overwhelm Tannehill.

Patrick: Titans; the Bills don’t have an answer for Derrick Henry.

Jaxin: Josh Allen is playing like a MVP I got the Bills.

Bengals vs. Ravens

Andrew: Ravens; No Brainer.

Patrick: Ravens; Bengals are just outmatched in every way.

Jaxin: I love Joe Burrow dude’s a stud but the Ravens are going to be to much for them to handle.

Raiders vs. Chiefs

Andrew: Chiefs; Chiefs are just too dominant.

Patrick: Chiefs; On a roll right now and I don’t think they’re slowing down anytime soon.

Jaxin: Chiefs did not play the best football against New England I think they get back on track this week.

Eagles vs. Steelers

Andrew: Steelers; Most underrated team in the league.

Patrick: Eagles; I picked them last week against the Niners and I’ll put my faith in them again.

Jaxin: With Big Ben back and the defense out in Pitt I am a huge fan of the Steelers this year and I think they stay undefeated this week.

Dolphins vs. 49ers

Andrew: Dolphins as long as Jimmy G isn’t playing.

Patrick: 49ers; Dolphins offense isn’t potent enough.

Jaxin: 49ers are getting some of their weapons back I think they win this one

Broncos vs. Patriots

Andrew: Patriots; Belichick will be Belichick.

Patrick: Patriots; As long as Stidham plays they should be fine.

Jaxin: Best coach in the history is going to figure it out even without Cam.

Seahawks vs. Vikings

Andrew: Seahawks; We know Kirk doesn’t deliver in primetime.

Patrick: Seahawks; The best team in the league is gonna put on a show.

Jaxin: The defense is banged up Jamal Adams is out again but Russell Wilson is the league MVP right now and I think him and Pete Carroll find a way.

Chargers vs. Saints

Andrew: Saints; I feel like Justin Herbert will blow this.

Patrick: Saints; Chargers have too many injuries.

Jaxin: Saints have been off this year I think the rookie has another good game and gets the win against Brees this week.